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Dye-Free Cotton Candy - Tubs

Dye-Free Cotton Candy - Tubs

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Need to have your cotton candy without dye? We got you covered. You can select any of our seasonal flavors listed below (see drop down menu for full list) and we will make it dye-free. 

Dye-free cotton candy will be white. We do not use natural dyes as they change the flavor of our delicious cotton candy.  

Allergy Note: If you are allergic to dye we cannot guarantee that it has not come in contact with dye as we make it in the same machines as our dyed cotton candy. While we clean our machines thoroughly before making this dye-free cotton candy, there may still be trace amounts in the cotton candy. 

*Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, DYE FREE  (Pina Colada contains coconut)


Please note: Give us 3-4 days for processing as we make it fresh, not including shipping. We do not ship over the weekends.

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